Why Support Scully Learning Center:

Scully Learning Center is directly impacting the quality of life for teens and adults with developmental disabilities with enrichment activities free of safety and transportation obstacles, enabling them to get out of the house and expand their horizons, which strengthens our community. Soon Scully Learning Center will provide the first of its kind residential setting for developmentally delayed adults who have never lived outside the family home. The preserving Families Home will allow developmentally disabled siblings to continue residing together when their family of origin is no longer able to provide for the care. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that strives to create a supportive and empowering community where individuals with disabilities can thrive and lead fulfilling lives alongside their loved ones.

We’re committed to a fiscally sustainable business model that will pay for the construction of our Preserving Families Home as well as support the expansion of our vision into other communities around the country.

Our model enables a smooth and comfortable transition out of the forever family home for physically and developmentally disabled adults into supportive housing when their family is no longer able to provide for their residential needs. By supporting Scully Learning Center, you not only improve the lives of our members, you strengthen the fabric of our community as a whole.

For more information on supporting Scully Learning Center and its Preserving Families Home financially, contact us at scullylcf2023@gmail.com

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Scully Learning Center is made possible by the continuous and generous supports of our community partners. Reach out to our President, Paula Scully, to take the first step in forming your company’s Preserving Families House story.