A life filled with new experiences is a life well spent. We’ve made it our mission to give adults with developmental disabilities the joyful enrichment they deserve, overcoming transportation and safety obstacles to help members get out of the house and explore.

The Scully Learning Center offers unique opportunities for developmentally disabled teens and adults to expand their horizons. We make it possible for adults with disabilities to safely enjoy the community. Art, music, hikes, field trips and parties are just a few of the activities offered that play an important role in our members’ personal growth. Whether hosted on our farmstead property or out and about in the community, our fun, educational activities bring out the best in our members while teaching valuable life skills. Escorts supervise all outings, with at least a 2:1 member to volunteer ratio.

Enrichment Activities: Local Adventures Await

In our Organic Garden participants learn to cultivate crops with hands-on composting, planting, weeding and harvesting. The resulting crops are shared with participants and donated to the local food bank. Our goats, chickens and ducks add to the gardening experience. A variety of arts and crafts classes allow participants to choose their own media and progress at their own level and experience. Ceramics is the most popular crafts class. We also offer cooking and nutrition classes. Scully Learning Center plans many field trips with the intention of providing socialization and enrichment opportunities.


  • Garden: Created by our members, for our members, tending to the property garden with help from community experts is equally rewarding, educational and delicious.
  • Art Studio: From our full ceramic studio to painting, drawing and arts and crafts, artistic creativity is always encouraged at Scully Learning Center.
  • Farm Animals: Our property is home to several furry and feathered friends. Being able to play with, feed and pet the animals always brings a smile to our members’ faces.
  • Classes: Dance, music and yoga classes tap into movement, rhythm and relaxation to improve emotional wellness in tandem with physical health.


  • Outings: Field trips to zoos, museums, plays, movies, animal shelters and more
  • Fitness: Beginner hikes and nature walks — always followed by a group picnic
  • Events: Local holiday happenings, including Christmas and Halloween light shows
  • Celebrations: Year-round parties and get-togethers for members, families and friends

Coming Soon: Scully Residential Center

Soon, our members won’t need to leave their favorite place to learn, grow and socialize at the end of the day — because they will already be “home.” The close-knit family dynamic among program participants, staff and volunteers, paired with the outstanding results we’ve seen from our enrichment efforts, motivated us to create a new type of group home environment.

The Scully Residential Center will serve as a national model for adults with physical and developmental disabilities transitioning from lifelong familial residential placement to a nurturing residential setting that supports a familiar, comfortable quality of life. Unlike other residential settings, siblings can be placed together, maintaining a lifelong bond. Relatives will be welcome to reside in our caretaker space for as long as it takes members to adjust to their new setting and routine, enabling a successful transition out of the family home. With the right guidance, resources and support, members can transition into an independent setting that provides peace of mind for family members planning long-term care beyond their capabilities. 

Contact us for application updates or donate to help our vision come to life.